Meet The Team!

Becky Bottoms


Becky Bottoms - LAVA Cabaret Producer / Director / Choreographer

Becky Bottoms is the slinky spitfire producing our Friday and Saturday night cabaret shows and directing our LAVA house cast. She is a founding member of [ATOMIC TRASH!] a neo-burlesque duo that has been a creative force in Portland, Maine's underground burlesque scene since 2008. She began dancing in her youth, training in ballet, tap and jazz dance. She continued to dance and seek opportunities to perform all over New England, eventually falling in love with the freedom and unlimited creativity in burlesque. "I can be as sexy and strong as a comic book heroine or as ridiculous and silly as Grouch Marx, and it makes sense in a burlesque show." She loves to fire up the audience with quirky, energetic performances full of witty sass and innovative costumes. Most recently, Becky was directing the [Avant-Garters] burlesque/cabaret group at [Studio 55] in Portland

Simone De Boudoir


Simone de Boudoir loves his sequins and stilettos, but behind closed doors this thespian is no lady. He is trained in theatre and ballet with experiences in modern, aerial and contemporary dance and fancies himself as a director, performer and playwright. His burlesque career began at Studio 55 (RIP) but his flair for the dramatic is not limited to the bright lights--the whole world is his stage. Opinionated and loud, Simone sees no curtain dividing public and private; should you see him on the street? Welcome to his boudoir...

Cueballz McGinty aka BEETLEJUICE


-A lifelong performer and videographer, Cueballz attempts to put loud pizzazz into everything from his frame composition to his drinking. If he starts to dance however, give him a wide berth.

He also has his own video company... Fat Sheamus Productions 

Kinky Slippers


Kinky Slippers is based in the Greater Portland area and has been performing burlesque for 6 years. She co-founded Stripwrecked Burlesque, was a co-producer for the Rosie and Kiinky Show, and has performed with Studio 55, Vivid Motion, and many others in the Portland community. She was given the very unofficial title of "the booty of Portland" by Ms. Holly Danger.

Little Bo Peep-Show


Little Bo Peep-Show:

Ms. Peep-Show spends her days tending her sheep as a farm hand, but by night is a dancing and singing vixen. She has spent the last two summers in an annual production of The Rocky Horror Show Live. Little Bo has lived the stage life since she was little taking dance and music classes from when she was three, up through adulthood. With a flair for the dramatic she feels at home in front of an audience.

Heather Le Feather


-Dancer, Actress, Model, Choreographer –

She grew up as an Air Force Brat traveling around the world and training in all styles of dance with companies such as The London Academy of Performing Arts, Ballet New England and The Boston Ballet to name a few.

Heather brought her talents out to the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas in 2005 where she performed as a dancer/showgirl/choreographer in multiple shows on the Las Vegas Strip. You may have seen her on the hit TV show America’s Got Talent assisting various performers from 2006-2012.

Heather is now an Auburn resident and came to perform with the amazing cast at LAVA Fondue Show Lounge after meeting with Becky Bottoms and having more than just sparkles, rhinestones and glitter in common… but sharing the love and passion for the stage. It’s where it all begins and ends in burlesque and entertainment.

“I leave it all out on the stage, I give you my heart.”

~Heather Le Feather

Creme de la Femme Dela Phlegm


Creme de la Femme Dela Phlegm strives to be the girl with a finger in every pie: she has wander-lusted around the U.S. making pit stops to dance behind the glass at the Lusty Lady in San Francisco, picked up a graduate degree in Performance Studies at New York University and most recently, immersed herself in the glitter and glam of 24/7 lifestyle burlesque in New Orleans, Louisiana. Femme Dela Phlegm made her burlesque debut in Portland circa 2005 and co-founded The Dirty Dishes Burlesque Revue in 2009.

Vivian Vice


Vivian Vice, Burlesque Queen Belly Dance Dream, is a classic burlesque and belly dancer performing throughout New England since 2003. She was a co-founder of Whistlebait Burlesque Vintage Dance Company whom won Portland's Best Dance Performer 2010-2012. She was also a member of Naya's Trance Belly dance for 8 years. Vivian is also a pin-up model holding the title of Vintage Girl Studios Logo Model 2016 and is published in Alt Girls Burlesque Edition and Bela Morte Magazines. Vivian starred in Miss Barry's Boudoir a short film by Vintage Girl Studios that was premiered in the 401 Film Fest 2015. A highlight of Vivian's burlesque career was meeting and sharing the stage with burlesque legend, Tempest Storm. ​Vivian's vintage style, class, grace and passion for dance shine through her performances as she continues to delight audiences everywhere